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Lower Phase

In the Lower Phase we recognise that every child is unique and we are committed to providing an enriching education that is tailored to your child’s individual strengths and needs. Our mission is to support your child and for them to feel happy and safe in school.


Lower Phase | Reception to Year 2

Students love to learn in the Lower Phase. Through a secure and nurturing environment children feel motivated to explore real-life, practical, hands-on activities, taking charge of their own learning. 

An integral part of our work in LP is the celebration of successes regardless of how big or small. As a result of this, our children feel valued and grow to be confident individuals who explore the world around them and develop to be responsible and respectful citizens.  

The Curriculum


In Reception we follow the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. This is a stimulating curriculum providing child-initiated, play-based learning. Our team of highly qualified teachers help lay solid foundations in the following areas of learning:            

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design    

Students in Years 1 and 2 begin their National Curriculum learning with the first Key Stage: Key Stage 1. Teachers lead learning with a thematic approach in the subjects of English, Mathematics and Science are complemented by ICT, History, Geography, Art, Music and PE. This helps students make better connections to the world around them. 

For our Arabic students (Reception to Year 2) we have sessions where they study their own language and Islam (Year 1 and Year 2) . Non-Arab students benefit from time spent in our Design and Technology area, where specialist teachers help them make models with moving parts and design all types of exciting and wonderful things. 

Our academic team carefully plans our events so that students can learn without limits and to extend their education beyond the classroom. School trips also provide more opportunities to make connections with their learning. 

Ready for Phonics


Our highly successful Phonics programme at The British School of Kuwait incorporates two UK based programmes; Read, write Inc and Cued Articulation.

Read, Write Inc is a proven synthetic phonics programme that gives children a flying start in reading, writing and spelling. Children learn to ‘read’ the sounds in words and how these sounds can be written down. 

Students start their reading journey in Reception, as they begin to read books which match their phonic knowledge. As the children progress through the year groups they learn to read more sounds and the complexity of the books they read increases and our students become more confident readers.

Cued articulation is a visual and action technique; using hand gestures whilst you say a sound. Visualising phonics in this way helps the child understand how the sound is made, making deeper links with letters and sounds and well supporting a purer pronunciation of sounds.

Reading and phonics come hand-in-hand and we highly encourage regular reading at home. We encourage our parents to be role models and ambassadors of reading. Speak with your class teacher about ways you can also inspire a love of reading at home or visit our Lower Phase ‘VLE Parent Hub’ page.

A love of maths


Through the teaching of maths mastery students build firm foundations of mathematical concepts, and as a result become more confident learners. In maths lessons students are encouraged to investigate independently and ask questions. By doing so they deepen their mathematical understanding and apply their learning to a range of contexts, building the ability to reason and problem-solve. These foundations are built on as they move through their school life. 

In Reception our students begin their mastery journey and are encouraged to be inquisitive. They are provided with opportunities to explore and learn within the learning environment. 

In Key Stage 1 our students build on previous knowledge and move on to their more challenging maths mastery journey. Students revisit past concepts and learn new ones. Children become more confident learners and further deepening their understanding by applying their learning to reasoning and problem-solving.


In Reception we create an environment where children explore, develop their critical thinking and play. All of which helps ignite their enthusiasm and enjoyment to learn. From these building blocks, children then can form positive relationships and excel socially, emotionally and academically.
Our child lead approach incorporates topics that inspire our young learners. Children are given the opportunity to work at their own pace within an enabling environment. With our expert teaching of Phonics, early reading, writing and mathematics, children attain a greater depth of understanding and activities are expertly differentiated to suit the needs of each individual child. 

Classrooms in Reception are bright and colourful. Each classroom has many opportunities for children to develop their imagination and express themselves. This is promoted through open-ended continuous provision; in malleable materials, construction areas and “Creation Stations’’. Alongside these areas there are also opportunities for role-play and group work areas are selected by the Class Teacher in order to best engage and support the development of their class.

Opportunities to support physical development are provided not just in the classroom, outdoor area and playground provision but also in our dance studio where the children take place in twice weekly “Movement to Music” and “Busy Feet” sessions.

Key Stage 1


During Key Stage 1, students learn through a broad and varied framework for learning through curiosity and play. Teachers provide stimulating environments where children learn through engaging learning activities, encouraging investigation and experimental learning. Children will be building on their previous experiences and knowledge from their previous year group. 

Classrooms are bright and colourful and are laid out to best support children’s engagement in learning. Each classroom is well equipped for children to develop their imagination and to express themselves and they have a well resourced library and quiet corner where children can unwind and explore a range of high quality texts. Classroom learning is further enhanced by a range of technology including; interactive white boards, class iPad, talking tins and light boxes.

Year 1


Year 1 is the start of your child’s journey through the National Curriculum where learning builds on the successes of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Students will transition from a focus on play based learning to more structured learning. Students are encouraged to become enthusiastic learners and to set and achieve personal targets. They begin to develop skills that will support them to become independent, reflective life-long learners. Children enjoy a wide range of appropriately challenging learning experiences.

Year 2


Year 2 is an exciting year for our children as they grow in confidence putting their developing reading, writing and calculation skills into practice through stimulating, purposeful, real life learning experiences.

An important step that students take in their learning during Year 2 is establishing their ability to self-assess their own progress. Through effective questioning and modelling students can review their work, they identify where they have been successful and areas that they would like to develop further. Together with the teacher, students develop success criteria for the unit of work that they are covering and set targets to enable them to take the next necessary steps in their learning with confidence and purpose.

Working together for your child

The partnership between home and school is extremely important to us and we are very proud of the strong, open communication we have with all of our Lower Phase families. Your class teacher will be able to share how your child is progressing. We encourage parents to contact their class teacher any queries or questions that you may have. You can book an appointment to meet your class teacher virtually or in person throughout the year, or during allocated parent consultation times. You will also have opportunities to celebrate your child’s achievements and next steps in our Parent Consultation Days.